Working With ScanThru

ScanThru Main window provides quick and easy access to all ScanThru functions: scanning images or documents, previewing and/or applying filters to them and sending them to a graphics-editing application. To scan an image, perform the following steps:
  1. Place your image on the flatbed, or put the document in the Auto Document Feeder
  2. Select the Document Source that will be used for scanning
  3. Preview the image or document scanned at lower resolution
  4. Customize Scan Settings, which includes selecting Image Type, Resolution and Document Type
  5. Enable and set parameters for color matching, including selection of the required Rendering Intent and Color Profile
  6. Adjust Image Colors, including Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Highlight and Shadow
  7. View the Histogram Graph and specific information on the selected Histogram Channel.
  8. Apply Filters to sharpen the image contours or retouch the image. You can also descreen the images scanned from newspapers or magazines.
  9. Customize image view, which includes flipping and/or rotating the image
  10. Scan the image using the settings you defined
  11. Set the Scan Preferences to create the scanning parameters to be made available the next time you perform scanning
  12. Save the Favorites to use them when you scan documents or images

Working with ScanThru